Monday, 24 January 2011

The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

I'm not sure what is worse. Strapping explosives to yourself to commit suicide or randomly killing other people when you detonate.

Ordinary people massacred. People on business trips. Holidaymakers exploring new exciting horizons. Loved ones being reunited. People going about their day to day business at work in a bustling airport. Lives changed forever in a split second.

My sympathies go to everyone involved in the senseless atrocity in Moscow. As someone who likes to travel, it is sad to see. It could happen any place, any time. And to anyone.

Well another working week. So far as Monday's go it wasn't a bad one at all. Homemade soup and fruit for lunch. A good start to the week. I think a third consecutive walk is a no go tonight. It is cold and wet out there. Not ideal conditions.

Tacos tonight for dinner.The best I have ever made. So tasty. Some wonderful flavours. Made some guacamole and refried beans to have with nachos and sour cream and salsa. That will certainly see me through to bedtime.

This evening's plans are yet to be determined. Perhaps an episode or two of Blackadder III. Possibly a movie. I need to find a new book to read. Will peruse the bookcase and see what remains unread.


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