Thursday, 24 March 2011

This Is What Hard Work Achieves!

It's getting there!

Green Fingers

I am going to admit something here.

I am getting into this gardening mallarkey. It's not quite Kew Gardens. I wouldn't say it's better than a nice stroll through Central Park.

Yesterday I swept up what must have been a decades worth of leaves (or so it seemed) and got rid of the majority of weeds on the patio area.

Next up is digging up the weeds in the back border (that could be a big job) and strimming the hedge which could probably be mistaken for the Great Wall of China from the International Space Station!

I will post a follow up pic of my progress...

I write this at 11.30am Thursday morning. It's been a rather productive one so far:

1. Roasted chicken & made stock (enchiladas for dinner and plan to make some chicken tortilla soup too).

2. Made tomato and chickpea soup (first attempt).

3. Switched gas & electricity provider and made a good saving.

Am now watching what could be one of the best games of the cricket world cup so far...India v Australia. Aussie captain Ponting is unbeaten on 56, what odds a ton? Rumours of his demise were a tad premature I'd say.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Like A Virgin

It's been one of those days.

I got a new TV/broadband/phone package installed today...Virgin Media.

The day started off well. The (cable) guy (nothing like Jim Carrey) was due anytime between 8 and 1. I couldn't believe my luck when he arrived at 8 on the dot. The installation went reasonably well and he was out the door not long after 9.

So far so good.

What a hassle it was redirecting my emails through Windows Live Mail. It took a long time and I was getting frustrated. Add to that they forgot to add my sports package, so at least I have used the phone today - to call them!

It took me ages to change details on online bank, Amazon, travel websites, eBay etc. In hindsight I wish I'd done it as I'd gone along. Anyway all seems OK now. Fingers x'ed.

A pointless trip this morning to the postal depot to collect a parcel (new Blackberry charger - thanks eBay). It was small enough to fit through the damn letterbox!

Took advantage of the nice spring weather for a second consecutive walk in a long while. A good 2 mile stroll to Tynemouth and back via the coast.

Tuesday night is pub night and since I don't have to be up for work in the morning, I may as well make the most of it.

Ciao and I hope your having a good week.

After the Hard Work

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Monday, 21 March 2011

The Backyard before...

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I Could Have Had a Quieter Day at Work

It's perfectly true. Day one of holiday (or vacation...I never forget my American followers!) was busy. Well the morning was.

Up with the larks, quick breakfast and a load of laundry in then a quick walk. It is officially the first day of Spring and it seemed it. Barely a cloud in the sky and the temperature well into double digits (centigrade) made for a nice walk to Tynemouth. The breeze was flapping a bit but it was far from cold.

The hard work was about to begin. I decided to tackle the jungle that is my backyard. I'm not green fingered. Gardening frankly doesn't interest me but I figured it was time I tidied it up. So I took a few trips to the municipal tip with, well a load of crap really. Pulled some weeds out and put killer on the rest (takes a few days apparently).

It looks a lot better but is definitely work in progress. It won't win any awards but so long as it gets tidy and I keep it that way then it's a winner.

After lunch (scrambled eggs) I watched The Departed. Great cast, great movie. 8.5/10. I thought it was the best film I've seen Dicaprio in and Jack Nicholson was as good as ever. Great twist towards then end as the plot unfolded.

Dinner was king prawn (jumbo shrimp) burritos. The best I've done them yet. Delicious. Early evening spent watching No Country For Old Men, what a great film. Again I'm giving it 8.5/10. It's an Oscar winner and rightly so.

Plans for the rest of the week? Some more yard work almost certainly. I'm getting Virgin Media installed tomorrow (new broadband/TV/phone package) and from Thursday its the cricket world cup quarter finals. The pick of the games is India v Australia. Too close to call, home advantage for India may sway it. England play Sri Lanka in Colombo and, after being the most entertaining team on show so far, I fear England will be heading home.

So, next time I blog I will have a new ISP. Not that it should make any difference of course.