Wednesday, 9 March 2011

If I Was the Zimbabwe Cricket Captain...

...I'd like to be called Elton Chigumbura!

Yep, that's his name. Don't know why, I just like it. One of the great cricket names. Not as good as

*deep breath*

Srinivasraghavan Venkatravaghan!

OK back to reality. Or as close as I get. Another sunny day today but cold. I thought Spring had arrived last week but winter always seems to have a twist before you can be confident in these parts!

A long day at work. I organised some industry customer service training today (devised by the Canadians for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver last year). We are the first to roll the training out in the north of England so, for once, we are blazing a trail. Yeehah!

And some bad news...

I was too tired for badminton. So, no exercise, in turn led to no cooking (yes the only dexterity required for dinner tonight was dialing the phone). A delicious Indian it was -

- poppadoms and pickles
- tandoori chicken
- chicken rogan josh
- mushroom pilau rice
- garlic naan bread

And of course, why not go the whole hog! No exercise...check....take away...check...

...bottle of chianti open!


I promise a healthier day awaits tomorrow. Until then my good friends. I bid you good day.

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