Tuesday, 1 March 2011

35/1 9/2

No. It can't be. Surely?

Yes. It is. For sure.

1st March. 2011 is like an express train. Like a stellar object hurtling through space. A bullet speeding through the air, hurtling it's way to it's target. At this rate it won't be long until I'm drawing my pension.

You guessed it. It's fair to say that this year is speeding by.

Have you worked out the blog title yet? Yes...well done...top of the class. No...OK...I will explain.

35 blogs in January, 9 blogs in February. I need to better 9 in March. 1 day 1 blog = a good start.

So I have entered my last full month in my thirties. From a thirtysomething to a middle aged guy awaits in April. Scary? Maybe. But they do say life begins.

So the news. It's harder to decide who wins nutcase of the week this week. Gadaffi or Sheen. One a delusional despot with no grip on reality. The other a Hollywood star determined to isolate himself and see his acting career end.

I guess there is a moral there somewhere about power and fame. Maybe being me isn't such a bad thing. A small cog in a big wheel but in many respects and to many people an important cog. I may not be powerful or rich but I reckon I'm a decent guy and well liked. If I can put a smile on a face I can go to bed happy knowing I have accomplished something worthwhile.

There's probably a morale there too. I will let you decide.

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