Saturday, 26 February 2011

It's Been a While...

Yes it has almost been a week. The longest time that has passed without me blogging since I began. No excuses really although time does seem to be marching quickly in 2011.

News updates? Not much. Another week at work. I have booked annual leave for the week of 21st March. I may go somewhere or may not...depends on flight prices! If not I will plan ahead and see if I can get a cheap deal for May. At least in May most of Europe has a good chance of being warm and dry.

I have a few things to do that week too. My bedroom needs wallpapering (Mum!) and I want to get a new TV/phone/broadband package installed.

So...another week another North African dictator loses his grip. Did you see that broadcast Gaddaffi did from a van with an umbrella? Whacky to say the least! I hope the revolution ends soon with as few casualties as possible.

My thoughts also this week to the people of New Zealand after the earthquake in Christchurch. Haven't the folks down under suffered enough recently?

The cricket world cup continues...I'm watching Sri Lanka v Pakistan as I type. A narrow win for England midweek against Holland (yes Holland!). The big game tomorrow v the hosts India.

I managed to play badminton this week. An hours work out....won 3 lost 1...not a bad start.

Last night I watched one of the best films I have ever seen. der Tunnel (the tunnel) is a German film about the true story of escapees under the Berlin Wall. I can't recommend it enough. Truly amazing and inspirational.


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  1. i loved badmitton when i was younger. no one plays it here anymore