Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I Need to Get Creative

I think the blog is looking dull. I know it is only 46 days old (or young) but I think a makeover is needed.

No. Not makeover. The word makeover is only used on trashy TV shows. OK. It needs a new look. Yep, a new look.

Over the next few days I will see what I can do to make it more, well, I'm not really sure. More pleasing on the eye?

The cough has almost cleared up. Being (mildly) asthmatic, I think these things take a bit longer than normal. I am supposed to be playing badminton tomorrow. We shall see.

The usual day today really. Work, shop, cook and eat. If this is the fast lane then I pity the rest!

I had a good movie weekend. Here we go with my ratings out of ten:

- The Hitcher (road movie with Rutger Hauer) 8/10
- Baader Meinhof Complex (German language film about 60s & 70s West German terror group) 8/10
- The Assassination of Richard Nixon (with the excellent Sean Penn) 7.5/10
- U571 (war film not really based on the truth) 6/10

I was thinking of a movie tonight but I'm not so sure.

I hope your Valentine's Day was good. This single guy was reading his book in bed not long after 7pm. This sure ain't no fast lane!

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