Sunday, 6 February 2011

A Quick Weekend Round-Up...

I'm heading to bed soon, another weekend drawing to a close.

I have put this off all day. Hungover I'm afraid. I think it must have been that Swedish cider!

As you can probably guess I was out last night. Enjoyable evening in Tynemouth with Iggy.

Not much happened today. Had a long sleep this afternoon (combo of old age/late nights!) and cooked beef tacos for dinner. Had planned to watch a movie today but didn't feel in a movie mood.

Off to bed to continue reading an excellent book on the history of the Berlin Wall. Interestingly I am now 100+ pages in and the wall hasn't been built yet!

Since all my followers (and of course when I say ALL I mean BOTH!) are Stateside, I hope you enjoy Superbowl Sunday. I will listen to some coverage on BBC Radio 5 Live as I head into my slumber but will be ZzZzZzZzZz before the game ends.

Enjoy and good luck Packers & Steelers.

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