Friday, 4 February 2011

Blowing in the Wind

Two days have elapsed since my last blog so, apologies to all who hang on my every word (sad though that would be!).

Not much to report on to be honest. Egypt still faces an uncertain future. I find it odd that the west has propped up this regime for 30 years. Democracy (that we preach to other nations) doesn't seem to matter so long as the regime is pro-western. Suits both parties really. The west has a friend in the tinder box world that is the Middle East and Mubarak is able to do as he pleases. I really think the good people of Egypt deserve better.

This is an example of history we are living through. I have just started a book about the Berlin Wall. At over 650 pages it could take me longer to read than the 28 years it stood as the definitive symbol of the Cold War. The Iron Curtain that separated east from west. It looks like it will be a gripping read.

So a wind blows through Egypt as it did through Germany in 1989 when the wall fell. There is also a wind blowing out there. A gale to be precise. It has to be one of the strongest winds I can remember. Not a night for going out. Friends are heading to the pub to watch Wales v England (6 Nations Rugby tournament). Not me - wine & DVD.

I went to a school yesterday to do a lesson about tourism to some 15-16 year old students. It was weird as it was my old high school and the teacher who invited me was an old Maths teacher of mine. All very surreal but enjoyable. It is interesting to see how teaching and indeed education has changed over 24 (can it be that long?) years.

I hope you have a good weekend. If this wind dies down (I'm not sure of the weekend forecast) I will head out for a walk. If not, the exercise bike may make a rare appearance.

The answer, my friend is blowing in the wind. (With thanks to Bob Dylan).

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