Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Where Did January Go?

1st February already? Surely not. Where did the first month of 2011 go?At this rate we will all be eating turkey and singing Christmas carols again soon.

February is one of those nothing months. It's not a December with Christmas, nor a summer month. Not January, a new start or March when Spring arrives nor is it one of those summer months where the sun shines, the beer garden beckons and the sound of leather on willow can be heard.

No wonder it only has 28 days.

Not much to report on since the weekend. 2 days down, hump day tomorrow.

Off to the pub today but I think I need a snooze first.

More interesting things happening around the globe. Australia seems to be in the firing line from severe weather again. I sincerely hope it is not as bad as Queensland. And incredible political change seems to be sweeping Egypt. I hope there is no more bloodshed.

I will leave you with a joke I saw on Twitter today which made me chuckle...

The barman said I'm sorry we don't serve time travellers...a time traveller walks into a bar!


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