Saturday, 19 February 2011

Cold, wet and miserable

Just to point out that the blog title is representative of the weather outside and not the blogger!

Now that that is clarified...

The cricket world cup starts today. I am not hugely excited about it. Should I be? I'm not sure. It's not the Ashes. Nothing is bigger than the Ashes and given it is only a matter of weeks since England's victory down under maybe this explains my lack of enthusiasm.

Maybe it is the format. It goes on 6-7 weeks which is way too long. Still the first game is very enjoyable. India and their co-hosts Bangladesh are slogging it out as a I type. A massive 370-4 from India with a sensational 175 from Sehwag. Bangladesh have made a good start so far but surely 371 is too much to chase?

OK so here are my predictions. England - semi-final at best. I would be very surprised if they win. They seem to lack one-day "box office" players, Pietersen aside. So, I'm going to tip Sri Lanka. I really think they will win. I know India are favourites but for me it's Sri Lanka. You heard it here first...

So, yes, its wet and miserable and freezing outside. No much incentive to walk. Went out this morning for a coffee (OK - and a muffin!) and some groceries.

No plans the rest of the day. Tacos for dinner and tonight will most likely be a DVD and a bottle of wine.

OK..back to the cricket.

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