Friday, 11 February 2011

Missing In (In)Action

My friends I must apologise. It has been a few days. I do have a reasonable excuse though. I have been lousy all week - sore throat early in the week gave way to a sore throat and cold which, as I write is now a cold, congestion and tickly cough. Oh well, at least the sore throat has gone!

After work this week I have wanted nothing more than a bite to eat and then off to bed, read for a bit, radio for a bit and sleep.

So, the above really sums up my week. Nothing memorable! Looks like the weekend will be much the same in terms of coughing and spluttering! Am going to try some red wine tonight though. Purely medicinal you understand!

Half way through the Berlin Wall book now. A terrific read. The weekend will be a mix of reading, movies, sport and TV. The right balance for feeling under the weather.

Have a great Friday night.

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