Monday, 7 February 2011

Whatever Happened to Low Cost Airlines?

Looking for a cheap flight from Newcastle to Anywheresville, Europe is looking for a piece of hay in a massive stack full of needles!

All I want is a cheap short break. Barcelona, Rome...anywhere will do. Once upon a time you could fly to these places for less than a good meal out. Not now. Or so it would seem.

I won't give up. There's got to be something out there!

It's gone cold tonight. Forecast is for a frost in the morning. Totally different to this morning - I actually had some cool air blasting in the car on the way to work!

Lack of motivation for a walk tonight. Naughty. No desire for huge amounts of chocolate. Not so bad then!

Thoroughly enjoying this Berlin Wall book. Despite the fact the wall still hasn't yet been built and I'm on page 219. That's some background context! It gives an incredible insight into 20C Europe and the horror of conflict/ Communism etc.

I reckon by page 230 the wall might actually go up!

Had a great prawn fishcake for dinner. And incase you are reaching for a dictionary - prawns are what we Brits refer to as shrimp!

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