Sunday, 20 February 2011

I Took Month Long Vacations in the Stratosphere

OK. I couldn't think of a blog title so decided upon the next words I heard on my Springsteen's "Growin' Up" it was...

Since my last blog there's little to report. Watched the opening game of the cricket world cup. I listen with the sound down on the TV. I prefer the radio commentary and I even had a tweet read out!

Watched a movie with a bottle of red last night. Ironic that it was was the movie (yes red NOT blue!) in that it was a Russia language film about the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan - 9th Company. It was a good flick.

Two movies today...both Oscar nominated...True Grit and Kings Speech. Both great films. I think Jeff Bridges may have just sneaked best male lead for me but its a close call.

I made some pea soup at lunch. The recipe was kind of made up. Gee it was delicious. Yummy. A definite winner with the taste buds.

I think another bottle of the claret beckons tonight (Chilean Merlot) along with the last Top Gear in the series...due to start in 5 mins.

So Jezza, the Hamster and's over to you.

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