Thursday, 24 March 2011

Green Fingers

I am going to admit something here.

I am getting into this gardening mallarkey. It's not quite Kew Gardens. I wouldn't say it's better than a nice stroll through Central Park.

Yesterday I swept up what must have been a decades worth of leaves (or so it seemed) and got rid of the majority of weeds on the patio area.

Next up is digging up the weeds in the back border (that could be a big job) and strimming the hedge which could probably be mistaken for the Great Wall of China from the International Space Station!

I will post a follow up pic of my progress...

I write this at 11.30am Thursday morning. It's been a rather productive one so far:

1. Roasted chicken & made stock (enchiladas for dinner and plan to make some chicken tortilla soup too).

2. Made tomato and chickpea soup (first attempt).

3. Switched gas & electricity provider and made a good saving.

Am now watching what could be one of the best games of the cricket world cup so far...India v Australia. Aussie captain Ponting is unbeaten on 56, what odds a ton? Rumours of his demise were a tad premature I'd say.

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