Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Pancakes are so tasty aren't they? I guess I used to only have them once a year as a kid. Pancake Tuesday. Well, Shrove Tuesday to give it it's proper name. Why once a year I don't know. They are...well...I was right...yummy!

I remember the first time I saw them on a diner menu in the USA (NYC most likely)..."pancakes with bacon AND syrup"? No. No.Yes. Yes. The flavours just go so well together. I guess you can work out what dinner was tonight.

I finally got my lazy ass out for a walk. It has been way too long. I have no excuse. I can look for some and perhaps invent many:

- It's raining.
- It looks like rain.
- It is forecast to rain later.
- It is the most sunny and glorious day in living memory...but you never know....it might rain later.

For those who don't know where I live, a 2 mile 30 minute walk can take in a Georgian street, a priory and castle (the burial place of saints and kings) and 2 blue flag award winning golden sandy beaches with amazing sea views. Yes. NO excuse at all I know. This is Tynemouth Longsands below...

I am getting more and more angry with the British Government. The whole economic situation in this country was caused by the 1980s greed culture of Thatcherism and privatisation as well as  irresponsible lending by banks.

Today it was announced that the Royal Bank of Scotland head is to get a £7.5 million bonus. The bank has made a loss of over a £1 billion this year and is over 80% owned by the tax payer. The news also reports that 12-28,000 police jobs are to go. There is only one word. Corruption. Cameron and his cronies are not much better than Gaddaffi and co they are keen to see deposed. It angers me beyond belief that it is ordinary people like myself, teachers, health workers etc who are paying, literally, the price. It was not our fault.

OK...that said it's almost Guinness time. I hope you enjoy(ed) your pancakes.

I know I did!

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