Thursday, 6 January 2011


I would like to start by saying I am sorry to hear of the passing of someone I never knew. My friend Christina's Gran passed away today. My thoughts are with her and and her family. Christina spoke fondly of her Gran who she saw as a role mode who shaped the person she is today.

A cold day. Never pleasant to leave for work in the cold. Apparently there was a snow flurry around lunchtime.

I was naughty tonight. Very naughty. Tired when I got home I fed the cats then slobbed in front of the TV. As every passing moment was consigned to history, so too was my intent, desire and motivation to cook.  One phone call later and the Chinese was ordered. I'm not a big one on Chinese cuisine. I always find I take a chance and often don't enjoy it. I was lucky. The sweet and sour prawns got the thumbs up.

I can feel an early night coming on. A combination of getting back into the work routine and interrupted sleep (cricket on radio) has made me tired. I will soon be back in the routine and, after tonight, will not have the radio on through the night.

England are almost there. Yet another flawless day at the office, more records and Aussie wickets tumbling and England enter the final day needing 3 more wickets for another thumping win and a thoroughly deserved 3-1 Ashes series win.

Paul Collingwood announced his retirement today. Neither flash nor flamboyant he was steady and workmanlike. The architect behind some very important innings in both attack and rearguard. His statistics are impressive enough and he goes with a good career behind him. A popular member of the dressing room, he will be a big miss.  If time permits, I may blog a special entry on Colly.

So at 8.18 I fee my day is done and I will head to bed. When the light goes out I will remember Christina's Gran and think of those who are grieving.

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