Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy Monday

I'm trying to be upbeat and positive so I guess the blog entry title reflects this. The reality, harsh one at that, is that after 13 days of indulgence it is time to go back to work tomorrow. I imagine on weekdays my blog entries will be no more than daily. Unless I have something dramatic to tell the world. Ok. Once a day it is.

Sad to hear of the death of the great British actor Pete Postlethwaite at the age of 64. Oscar nominated and described by Spielberg as the best actor in the world, he was one of those who popped up in many films without necessarily starring but playing a good role.

Watched the first session of the final test at Sydney (I wish I was watching in Sydney but you know what I mean). On a rain interrupted day Australia closed on 134-4. England in the box seat. At lunch (weird referring to lunch at 1.30am Jono time!) Aggers interviewed Glenn McGrath the legendary Aussie bowler. The third day of the match is Jane McGrath Day. Jane, his wife passed away in her 30s a couple of years ago of breast cancer and he now has a foundation in her name to raise awareness. Pink seems to be the colour at the SCG this week. A menace to England batsmen and never without a word to say on the pitch, he is a gentleman and a lovely guy off it. Terrific interview.

And so on to today. I need to go for a walk. It feels mild here today so no excuses. No excuses at all.

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