Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Back in the Swing

Back. Perhaps not so much in the swing. I rose out of bed this morning with the same reluctance of a rose in a drought. The dark, cold mornings don't help. Neither, I guess, does the radio being on all night so I could drift in and out of consciousness with the latest from down under.

Yes, you guessed. First day back at work after Christmas and New Year. The shower didn't seem quite as refreshing and the breakfast not as tasty. The cats wondered where I was going at such an ungodly hour. They had got used to my presence round the house.

It was cloudy as I left the house, the final turn of the key the realisation that it was back to nine to five. I know it was cloudy. I made a cursory glance to the skies looking for the partial solar eclipse that was due to be at it's peak. No sign. Eclipsed was, ironically how I felt.

Drive to work. Through security gate. Park car. Into office. Sit down. Computer on.

It didn't feel like almost two weeks away. Not by a long way. The best I can say is the working day came and went.

Home around 4.45pm. Beef tacos for dinner avec (as they say in France) home made guacamole. Tasty.Very tasty indeed.

A catch up with the BBC News. VAT up to 20% today. Doom and gloom.

And so on to tonight. Tuesday is normal pub night. But, after Christmas is it really needed? I will take a nap and see. I'm tempted to go I must admit.

Overnight Ashes latest: Match nicely poised. Day 3 could potentially prove crucial.

Maybe the swing will gain momentum tomorrow.

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