Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Perrin-Meldrew Hybrid Theory

I've seen it coming. Not just recent months. But recent years. I am turning into a grumpy old man!

I am less tolerant of people around me. That said, they lack manners and are incredibly rude. I swear at drivers who don't indicate. I mutter things at people who don't say thank you when I hold a door for them and I growl at the morons who impede my grocery shopping by dithering and getting in the way.

Should I be concerned that grumpiness is setting in at 39? No. Not at all. Bring in on!

The prospect of becoming some hybrid of Reggie Perrin (the 70s version of course a la Leonard Rossiter) and Victor Meldrew is almost an aspiration. (Don't know who they are? Google!)

I had to collect three parcels en route to work today and for didn't have to wait. That must be some kind of record. The main parcel I was collecting was my new portable hard drive. I live in (almost) fear of losing all my holiday pics.

Another afternoon walk at work, this time on the north side of the river. North or south of the River Tyne it's still bloody freezing!

Home to roast pork and vegetables. A magnificent feast. Am now backing up all the said holiday pics and watching the news. I can't comprehend the amount of water that has fallen in Australia. When they say "biblical" they are not wrong at all. My sympathies to all affected.

A quick nap to follow and the obligatory Tuesday night Guinness in the Quarry pub.


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