Sunday, 23 January 2011

1,200 Tweets in One Day? I don't think so!

That's what the stats said. My tweets doubled literally in a second to 2,400. So annoying. I hope this is a bug they can fix asap.

Shrimp tacos last night (c\o were absolutely delicious. The evening was spent enjoying a nice glass of Italian red wine. OK a bottle to be precise.

I watched a movie, listened to some tunes and watched Match of the Day (I always do when Sunderland win!).

The movie was Der Lieben der Anderen (the Lives of Others). It's the second time I have seen it and I enjoyed it more the second time round. I can say it is in my top three movies of all time. It is set in 1980s East Germany and is about a Stasi officer secretly monitoring the work of a writer. As time passes the Stasi officer softens and, unbeknown to the writer he helps him from a Stasi raid on his house. His girlfriend commits suicide thinking her betrayal will lead to his arrest. The Stasi officer is demoted for incompetence. When the Berlin Wall falls the writer reads the secret Stasi files on him and realises the officer saved him. Known only by his code name, in his next book he dedicates the book to the unknown officer who becomes aware of this when he picks up the book in a store. Brilliant. Quite brilliant. Don't let watching a film with subtitles put you off.

This morning I lazed on the couch watching the 3rd one day match against Australia. Three games three defeats. I'm not too bothered. The Ashes were the main prize and secured in such wonderful style.

I made some home made veg soup today for lunch at work this week. Lunch today was 2 eggs, toast and a tangerine. Dinner was pork and veg.

I watched The Social Network this afternoon. It was better than I expected and quite a story. I can see how it has won so many Golden Globes (I nearly typed Golden GLOVES!) and is Oscar nominated.

I managed 2 walks in a row. A 2 mile evening walk to Cullercoats and back.

This evening will  be a glass of wine with the new series of Top Gear.

Back to work in the morning. I trust your weekend was enjoyable and next time you see me I will have my miserable working week face on :(

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