Friday, 7 January 2011

That Friday Feeling...

The end of the first week of 2011 and TGIF.

At 12.57am UK time this morning Beer (Michael) was canned and the champagne (a vintage of at least a generation) was uncorked. England had beaten Australia by an innings again to win the Ashes series 3-1. I was listening to the radio commentary in bed but decided, such is the rarity of the event, I should at least witness the coup de grace on television. I think the Ashes win deserves a separate blog (a task for the weekend).

If yesterday was cold today was bitter, a harsher bite in the air. Work, again came and went. Apologies if I rarely mention my working day. There really is nothing to report. Well, almost nothing. Mandy in the office drove a van in the underground car park and it didn't quite have the clearance and she got...well...stuck. Cue laughter all round. She took it well. A good sport.

Bacon sandwiches for tea and then the usual Friday night chores...two loads of washing. The weekend starts with a bang in my household I can tell you!

Right now I'm blogging uncertain of the course of the rest of the evening. Glass of wine? I'm tempted to say no. A new series of Hustle starts on BBC1 at 9. One of the few shows worth watching these days amongst the plethora of crap. Soaps, reality TV, celebrity nonsense, people wanting to be celebrities... The list goes on.

I bid thee farewell with the hope that you have a good weekend.

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  1. Jon, you shoulda took a pic of the stuck van to share with all of us :P