Wednesday, 12 January 2011

It's More WAIT Than WEIGHT Loss!

I'm finding two things hard (no rude comments please). They are both connected. I'm finding it hard to get into a pair of jeans and even harder to reverse the eating binge that is causing it.

New Year's Day was a false alarm so I move onto the next target date. It was January 15th 2009 I started my marathon weight loss programme so I am hoping lightning will strike twice in 3 days time. I eat healthily in meal terms but it's the snacking. The endless snacks. Too many calories. Far too often.

Dinner tonight was jambalaya. Delicious. I have enough to take to work tomorrow for dinner (at least I didn't eat it all tonight I guess). Maybe a glass of wine tonight with the likelihood of more Blackadder.

Another win for England v the Aussies. This time Twenty20 cricket and another record in the process - 8 consecutive T20 wins.

I think in terms of future blogs I won't mention the mundane daily work thing - unless something momentous happens. Yeah right!

So, on to tonight's proceedings. Until tomorrow, ciao for now.

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