Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year's Day far

And so on to my first update It is now 14.28 So I actually have things to update on.

A productive morning was spent making a chicken madras. One batch in the freezer, the other awaiting my ravenous return from New Year's Day socialising. This is the best ever curry I have made. The recipe is from and the dishes are authentic. Have prepared some mushroom pilau rice as an accompaniment to the madras.

Bargain of the year (admittedly my first purchase!) was the box set of the complete Blackadder series and specials. £17.99 inc delivery. Amazing. For my overseas friends that's around $30 US.

A morning walk along the seafront followed. At first it seemed very mild, coat almost surplus to requirements but the return leg was into the breeze. A breeze flapping with some intent off the North Sea inducing waves of a decent size. I downloaded a BlackBerry app called adidas micoach which tracks the route, works out heart rate, calories burned etc. It was a 2.4 mile walk resulting in the dismissal of over 400 calories (seems a lot but I have no reason to doubt the calculating skills of a gadget that possesses better brain power than humble me).

Read the sports section of the Guardian. An excellent preview of the fifth test match between Australia and England in Sydney, due to start in around 32 hours. All signs point to an England win which would result in a marvellous 3-1 series triumph. Only time will tell...

Off to Tynemouth soon for some celebratory New Year's Guinness. I am hoping the pubs have emptied somewhat. There is a tendency on this day of the afternoons being somewhat busy. As I head to my 40th (downhill it seems!), I prefer my pint to be over some convivial chat rather than having to shout to be heard over the racous noise of revellers or (worse still) crappy pop music!

I shall bid you adieu and I may well provide a final chapter to January 1st 2011 on my return...depending on how much control I have of my manual dexterity.

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