Sunday, 2 January 2011

The Realisation of Reality

So tomorrow is the last day of the festive holidays. Back to work, back to reality on Tuesday. A depressing thought indeed.

Enjoyed a magnificent roast beef dinner today, a delicious cut of meat. There is enough left to make a chili for tomorrow (note to self: need to purchase rice).

I had a brief period of internet downtime earlier. A phone call to the call centre (in India surprise surprise) appeared to be leading nowhere when all of a sudden the connection returned. A dramatic fluke I believe.

The evening has been somewhat lethargic. BBC Radio 5 Live. iPod on shuffle. As I type, watching a good documentary (part 1 of  5) about life in the Arctic with Bruce Parry.

This evening's wine (of which there will be considerably less come back-to-work time) is courteousy of Espana.

It is now no more than an hour and a half away from play at the SCG. Apparently conditions are favourable to bowl first. One of those "a good toss to lose scenarios". I imagine it will be ideal conditions for Jimmy Anderson if it is the Aussies strapping their pads on. I will watch the morning session on TV before retiring to bed with Test Match Special on through the night on the radio. Drifing in and out of sleep to the dulcet tones of Aggers, CMJ, Jim Maxwell et all is sheer bliss.


  1. At least you have 1 more day off, thats 1 more than i have :P

  2. NYD is normally a public holiday. As it was a Saturday this year we get the Monday in lieu!