Monday, 3 January 2011

Is Back to Work Good or Bad?

I know that I have had the occasional moan about returning to work tomorrow. Sometimes a lie in is nice and a lazy day is beneficial. But I can't help thinking that lethargy has set in. Perhaps another few days away from the office and lethargy could become like a lifestyle choice. Despite not really looking forward to tomorrow morning, getting back into a routine is, perhaps, for the best.

It always seems like you have never been away from the desk. All being well and the majority of people taking extended Christmas leave, the inbox shouldn't be bulging like a strongman's biceps. Here's hoping.

Lethargy has been the key word today. I did manage a short walk (1.84 miles) along the coast into Cullercoats village and back. After lunch (homemade veg soup & ham sandwich) I lounged in front of the of those instances when there is nothing you really want to see. I eventually fell asleep during the SA v India test in Cape Town. I will miss my afternoon 40 winks. Memo to self: don't try it at work.

Watched the Ashes highlights and then made some delicious chili con carne for dinner. Again I feel a not-sure-what-to-watch evening coming on. How exciting. PDC Worlds Darts Final on Sky (possibly) or on BBC2 a live stargazing programme.

I'm tempted to round of the festivities with a glass (or more) of claret and begin purging the body tomorrow.

Next time I blog I will undoubtedly have returned from a day at the office longing for lethargy, lie-ins and laziness.

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