Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Diet Starts Here...And Now

There were two notable differences to my morning routine today. Firstly my cursory glance at the bathroom scales turned into something more practical. I actually stood on them. Part of me wishes I hadn't (and there are parts of me I wish I hadn't!).

Over 60 pounds lost in 2009 and a lot of that hard work undone. I want to lose 26 pounds. That is my target. I have done it before. I can do it again. For some reason, I feel it will be harder. The target date is my 40th birthday - April 6th. Ambitious? Yes. Achievable? With hard work...yes.

The other notable difference was the fact that one slice of bread was put in the toaster. It looked lonely, almost apologetic. It would normally have a companion. But not now and not for the immediate future.

It is not the day for walking. Rain showers and a howling gale. Always made worse by our coastal location. I haven't given up hope of going out for 20-30 minutes after dinner. Dinner looks like being chicken tacos (it will certainly be a chicken - I roasted one this morning). Lunch was homemade chicken and vegetable soup (another two portions await).

This afternoon I backed up all my files onto the portable hard drive. I would hate to lose all my holiday snaps. So many memories.

This evening? Well two options:

1. Bottle of wine and the option of early evening music or the remainder of Blackadder II (episodes 1-3 last night) and a Bruce Springsteen evening on BBC4...featuring a 1978 concert I haven't seen.

2. Tynemouth with friends. To celebrate Louise's 50th. It is not the weather for going out.

I hear you...both options involving alcohol. Yes, I know. I want to lose weight but if I cut down snacking etc, I need something to look forward to and I do enjoy a relaxing drink at the weekend.

Signing off, this is Jono saying over and out.


  1. Err...err....yes of course it is diet wine!

    ...*starts to look like Pinnochio*