Friday, 14 January 2011

Sometimes I Feel Lucky

There are upsetting images from around the world on a near daily basis. A bomb blast in Pakistan. A typhoon in the Philippines. A plane crash in South America. But I was moved to tears when I saw the face of the young boy who sacrificed his life so his younger brother may live in the terrible Queensland floods.

Why him? I think I can explain. He was from a stable country, probably middle class and had his future ahead of him. He was a kid who would like the odd prank, didn't want to do his homework and play sports outside till bedtime. I looked at his photo and thought it could have been me 25 years ago. It brought a realisation to me that, despite things I moan about, I have a million reasons to feel lucky.

I hope Australia give this brave young man the recognition he deserves. I hope the Queen can bestow the highest Commonwealth honour on him.

The weekend is here. So is the middle of January and I'm still blogging to my global audience (hello to Lori and Vee!). The remainder of the Indians tonight for dinner and then the diet/exercise starts tomorrow.

I have been invited out tomorrow night but, aware of my determination to do the above, I am in two minds. We will see. Tonight's proceedings will consist a bottle of red wine (Viva Espana!) and some TV.

I hope it is a good weekend wherever you are (I will hazard a guess at Bismark and NYC!).

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