Saturday, 22 January 2011

Is it Really the 22nd January?

Where is the year going? How come it is passing by with such speed? Has it gone supersonic?

It doesn't seem like 3 weeks since I posted my first blog (maybe you, dear reader, beg to differ). It is true what they say. The older you get the quicker time passes. Octogenarians must see life as a blur. Easter and Christmas must almost merge into the same day!

Up at 7.30 this morning. Earlier than usual for a weekend but I felt raring to go. Off to Starbucks this morning with Mum. I was good and my latte wasn't accompanied by a muffin, a cookie, a slice of cake or anything with a calorie count to make me cry (but to make my taste buds smile).

Home again and I made some delicious home made mushroom soup. I managed to get motivated to go for a walk this afternoon -2.49 miles according to Adidas miCoach. I browsed the second hand books at Tynemouth Station market. Plenty of choice if crappy romantic fiction floats your boat. Frankly that sort of read sinks my particular boat.

The afternoon has been spent perusing eBay, Twitter and Facebook with Sky Soccer Saturday providing the background noise. As I write Sunderland are 2-0 up away at Blackpool so look like consolidating 6th in the EPL. Good news indeed.

The plan is to cook shrimp burritos for dinner. I have found a great website - - you can chose how many people you are cooking for (in my case invariably 1) and it adjusts the ingredients amount accordingly.

Tonight I will watch a DVD - most likely Der Lieben der Anderen. If I sound educated, I hasten to say that I do need English subtitles. Some music will no doubt follow and the red wine will certainly flow. Italian red if I am not mistaken.

I hope your weekend is good and I will no doubt find time tomorrow to bore you with the trivialities of my life.


  1. Oh is fab! good job on the walk :)

  2. Yeah I need the walks to happen 4 or 5 times a week! Allrecipes is now in my favourites, I have a feeling it will come in useful :-)