Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sunday Bloody Sunday

If there is anyone out there who has nothing else to do but read about my life (or lack of it) on a daily basis, I apologise about yesterday's hiatus. Normal service has been resumed. The intention was to do a Saturday evening blog however the Guinness intervened.

Went to Silverlink Retail Park with Mum on Sat am. It was the first time I had seen her in 2011. I met a friend for a few beers in the Quarry. I ended up staying longer than planned (as you do...or as I do) and a band came on around 9. They were pretty good for a pub band.

This morning was a waste. In fact I didn't get up till the sun was over the yard arm (one day I will bother to check the origin of that phrase). My head was sore. Shareholders at Guinness PLC will be delighted when they see the returns on their next dividend.

A lazy afternoon in front of the TV (Man U v Liverpool FA Cup 3rd round) and sporadic housework. The lazy theme continued as the only dexterity required in the preparation of dinner was dialing the phone. Any pizza any size £9.99. Would you refuse?

I feel guilty about this weekend. Guinness (aplenty). Pizza (large). Exercise (non-existent).

So tomorrow the diet/exercise programme starts for real. Maybe I should set a target?

I hope your weekend has been more productive.


  1. Jon, you know you write this for me. Ok, maybe not solely, but I do read it.

  2. Thanks Lori! I wish I had taken a pic of the van now lol.